BIBS Supreme Dummy Dark Oak
BIBS Supreme Dummy Dark Oak

BIBS Supreme Dummy Dark Oak

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Supreme Dummy's are undoubtedly one of the most popular dummies on the market. Contemporary mouth guard, range of colours and silicone orthodontic teat.

These dummies use a MAM adaptor to connect to your clip, so don’t forget to add a MAM adaptor if you need one.

Recommended from 0-36 months

Available in Size 2: 6+ months

Exclusive pacifier in Danish design:

Due to its exclusive and stylish design BIBs Supreme stands out from any other dummy on the market.

The elegant shield is designed to maximise air ventilation and thereby keep the sensitive skin around the mouth dry and guard it from skin irritation due to too much moisture.

Kids love Bibs Supreme:

We had our most discerning customers, the children, test the new Supreme dummy. And the verdict was clear: Kids love Bibs Supreme.

Form & Function:

BIBs Supreme is a symmetrically shaped light weight dummy. It is designed to support the correct development of the jaw and minimise the pressure on the gums.

The silicone version of the dummy has a unique patterned teat. The special design makes the teat more robust than a regular silicone teat and more resilient to sharp baby teeth.