Organic Mamas Toothbrush
Organic Mamas Toothbrush
Organic Mamas Toothbrush

Organic Mamas Toothbrush

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Our beautiful bamboo Truthbrush designed with mamas in mind.

Featuring soft, transparent plant based bristles.

The truthbrush is the perfect choice for mums to use throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

Reducing the likelihood of bleeding gums, a common pregnancy symptom.

Our Mamas Truthbrush features:

Luxury, soft plant based bristles:
62% Castor Oil 
38% Nylon

Truthbrush Care:

We recommend, based on advice from dentists, that you replace your toothbrush every 3 months (although we know the Truthbrush lasts much longer).

After use, please don’t leave standing in water.
To dispose of your toothbrush, please place in your ordinary bin.

Over time, all but the bristles will biodegrade, leaving no residue.

Alternatively, you can pull out the bristles with a pair of pliers and re-use the Truthbrush in any creative way you can.

Plant canes and paint stirrers are just a couple of examples of how you can give your Truthbrush a second life.