Tips on how to deal with Children’s Anxiety during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Families are adjusting to a new normal because of the coronavirus pandemic, but it can be hard on children who may not understand whats happening.

A local child psychologist says it is normal for kids to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Dr. Margaret Jessop developed a workbook called Hornets and Hippos a few years ago with mindful practices for children. They help ease stress and anxiety and can be used in these stressful times.

Dr. Margaret Jessop also has recordings of mind fullness on her Hornets and Hippos Youtube channel. One of them focuses on how to give yourself a hug using your imagination, which increases serotonin levels in the brain.

It is a good resource for everyone, psychologist since were distancing ourselves from others.

Dr. Margaret Jessop also suggests practicing Mindful MEDS, which stands for movement, exhale, drinking water and squatting down. Doing these things can help calm the body during stressful and fearful times.

Dr. Margaret Jessop says if your child is feeling anxious, teach them how to breathe deeply.

The main trick is getting their exhale longer than their inhale.

‘We’ve never felt more isolated and also more connected at the same time because we’re all going through it together, so the more ways we can find to move our body and stay connected, the better we are going to feel’ said Jessop.

There are free virtual workshops on dealing with fear and anger. Something a lot of kids and even ourselves need right now. For more information on this and other resources available to parents visit the Hornets and Hippos Website.