National Children’s Day 2020

When you’re a parent, or work in teaching or childcare, every day can feel like it’s all about the kids, but there’s actually a special day dedicated to celebrating them - National Children’s Day UK - which falls on Sunday 17th May this year.

The late Nelson Mandela once said. ‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children’ and this week the nation is being encouraged to recognise the importance of our children and how their special rights and freedoms will help them grow into happy, healthy adults.

Why is National Children’s Day UK so important?

Wendy Ellyat, the chief executive of the Save Childhood Movement believes that happy, healthy children create happy, healthy societies. She maintains that if we want to create a more caring and compassionate world, we must start with children’. And yet some children in the UK are having a really tough time dealing with issues like poverty, obesity and mental health disorders. NCDUK provides a powerful platform for people to talk about these issues and connect with others who want to find solutions to these problems.

How are we celebrating National Children’s Day?

We’re offering a free Original BIBS dummy with every Dummy clip purchased this week Sunday 17th May - Sunday 24th May. Our dummies help to create healthy, happy babies through their soothing and settling effect.

When babies use dummies during sleeps and naps, there is a reduced risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Paired with our beautiful dummy clips, our sets are sure to keep your little one happier for longer. You can sign up to receive your 10% Welcome Code.

For older children, we’re encouraging parents and children to talk to each other as much as possible!

We’ve put together five questions to ask your little ones today, remember to share with us any answers - we would love to hear them!

1) What makes you happy?
2) What makes you sad?
3) What is your favourite thing to do?
4) Do you like to help others?
5) What makes you feel loved?