Matthew's Mission to help our NHS Heroes. 

Matthew, one of our directors here at The Baby Basket, is on a mission to provide our Front Line NHS Heroes with the adequate Personal Protective Equipment needed to reunite NHS Workers with their families and help to save the lives of many!

Theres no denying that the Corona Virus Outbreak has left each and every one of us effected in some way. Parents are frightened for the lives of themselves and their little ones, many have financial worries, and many are grieving their significant change to daily life.

However our NHS Heroes are not only fighting the battle to protect their patients, but also to protect their loved ones like everyone else.

Whilst the majority of us can adapt to this new way of life whilst being able tuck our children in to bed at night, kiss them when they fall and hold them even tighter than usual during this global pandemic. NHS workers are being forced to leave their loved ones for the foreseeable future in order to prevent infecting them with this deadly virus. Many have opted to stay in hotels whilst others less financially able have resulted to sleeping in tents in their gardens. 

With our worldwide partners and our lifetime desire of bringing families together, through our online baby shop providing unique baby gifts, baby clothes and baby accessories. 

Along with our commitment of a ‘lifetime of living’ to Great Ormond Street Hospital, Matthew began to search for other ways that we could use our professional resources to bring joy to our nations families during this global pandemic.  

Finding that the separation of families could be avoided if the NHS frontline, most vulnerable to COVID-19 had the adequate personal protective equipment to help save their own lives, the way they so selflessly attempt to safe ours. Enabling them to confidently be able to protect themselves from contracting the virus and ultimately protecting the spread of the virus to their loved ones.

There is now a national shortage of protective equipment available with
images released of NHS staff using inadequate measures or protection such as bin liners. This simply is inhumane.

Matthew is raising 15,000 to provide our frontline NHS heroes with protective face masks. A £20 donation will supply 20 masks to our front line NHS workers who need it most and WILL save their lives and allow them to safely reunite with loved ones whilst fighting to protect you, me and our country.

Join us by showing some love to our NHS Heroes.
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