Fun ideas for celebrating Easter at home

This years easter celebration may look a little different from in previous years. Instead of gathering for church services in the morning and celebrating with a big family dinner, you’re stuck at home due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Now you have to figure out a way to celebrate Easter at home. Here are some ways to make easter during quarantine a little more fun.

Just because we’re all stuck at home doesn’t mean the reason for the season has changed. If you’re used to spending Easter morning at church, you can still tune in to the services online. Many churches have now made their services available online, whether that’s through a live stream or through a recorded video. If you don’t have a regular place of worship or yours doesn't have streaming available, you can always ‘visit’ another church online.

Another idea to make Easter feel like ‘Easter’ is by dressing in your Easter finest. Dress the kids up, wear your easter dress and do your hair. Then, FaceTime of video chat with the family to show off your festive wear. Last but not least, don't forget Easter dinner. Even if you cant gather with extended family today, you can still make a delicious Easter dinner with all of your favourites. End it with a scrumptious dessert to really make the day complete.

Top 5 Ideas for Celebrating Easter at Home
You’ve listened to your church services and dressed in your Easter best, but what are you going to do for the rest of the day? Here are five great ways to make the day a fun one even if you're stuck at home.

Easter Egg Hunt
Lead your children on a super fun treasure hunt around the home, create clues that lead your little one to the location of the next clue, and ultimately, their Easter baskets. (or other fun surprise).

Easter Bingo
Get the whole family involved with this Easter bingo game. All you need are some Easter treats (think jelly beans, mini eggs, etc) and these templates. You can even email them to extended family and play via video chat!

Bunny Service Jar
This jar helps remind us to be kind and to help out others, it's a great gift for little ones at easter. Each time they do something kind, they put a cotton ball in the jar, when its all filled up they get a fun treat to celebrate!

Homemade Resurrection Rolls
These delicious rolls help tell the Easter story in a whole new way. Each ingredient represents a different part of the Easter story that you tell as you make the rolls. Then once they're baked, the rolls look just like an empty tomb!

Make Bird Nests
These creative birds nests Little ones love helping to get crafty in the kitchen, and their yummy too!